Thursday, March 26, 2009

Iowa City Leads Nation in Per Capita Murders -- 1:21

The little college town of Iowa City boasts some big statistics.

Informed Choice of Iowa reports that of the 6,175 abortions performed in Iowa in 2005, almost 3,000 of those were in Iowa City. Kim Lehman, president of Iowa Right to Life points out that this puts Iowa City in the position of having the highest rate of abortions per capita in the US.

That comment led me to a short and admittedly unscientific study in per capita murder rates.

Last year, New Orleans was reported to lead the nation in per capita murders. (The population of New Orleans was 324,000. 179 murders were reported that same year.) They had 1 murder for every 1810 persons.

Iowa City's 2005 population was 62,887. Using just the estimate of abortions quoted above (3,000), excluding reported murders of born-persons, Iowa City had 1 murder for every 21 persons in 2005. (This compares to a national ratio of one abortion per every 245 born-persons.)

I'm not a statistician. This is an unscientific survey. There are likely errors. Nevertheless, the numbers are close to accurate...and staggering. In Iowa City, one person in the womb is killed for every twenty-one persons outside the womb.

If there were a city anywhere in the United States that saw one of every twenty-one born-persons murdered, the city would call for help. The story would be relentlessly covered by the news media. Martial law would be declared. Order would be restored.

When this rate reflects unborn persons slaughtered, they have a celebration.

Update: Read about how help for pregnant women is protested in Iowa City.

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